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The Travel Industry and Costs

In this article, we will explore the Travel Advantage application. However, before we begin, it is essential to note that the travel industry generates more than 9 trillion dollars annually, making it not only one of the largest industries in the world but also one of the most expensive.

Do you know anyone, including yourself, your friends, or your family, who wants to travel more while significantly reducing costs? If so, we have exactly what you need.

Introduction to Travel Advantage

Travel Advantage is a reliable and cost-effective platform with over 400,000 members spread across hundreds of countries. Its goal is to revolutionize the travel and shopping industries.

The Three Pillars of Travel Advantage

This application offers numerous advantages through its operation based on three pillars:

Les trois piliers de Travel Advantage

Comparison of Economic Models

In order to understand how this application will allow you to make significant savings, let's examine its economic model compared to traditional approaches.

Traditional Model

Traditional Model

In the traditional model, large distribution groups spend millions on advertising to attract more customers. Fixed prices and the margins these groups add to their products end up being paid by the consumer, who bears the high cost of the product or service and all the associated additional fees.

When it comes to travel, the observation is the same.

Subscription System

In order to achieve different results from what we already know, Travel Advantage has chosen to adopt a much more advantageous economic model for us as customers. This involves a subscription system already used by large groups such as Netflix, Prime, Deezer, Zoom, and Spotify.

Types of Memberships

Thus, the Travel Advantage application offers three types of memberships - VIP, Plus, and Elite - which will allow you to enjoy these benefits.

Exclusive Benefits

Let's revisit for a moment the exclusive benefits offered by the Travel Advantage app to its members.

Travel Credits

Among these benefits, we have travel credits, a system similar to cashback or miles.

With each reservation made on the platform, you accumulate travel credits. These credits allow you to make even more significant savings on your future bookings.

Here are a few key points about travel credits: they never expire and can be used at any time. In addition, the app offers an interesting sharing system. When you book a hotel, the platform gives you the opportunity to earn 30% extra travel credits by simply sharing your reservation on the social network Facebook.

Loyalty Points

The second benefit concerns loyalty points, which represent an additional benefit offered by the app to Elite members. These points can be used for additional savings. Loyalty points are accumulated each month based on the Elite subscription and never expire.

Your loyalty points can be applied to several sections offered by the Travel Advantage platform.

In summary, travel credits are linked to bookings made, while loyalty points are associated with the Elite subscription.

Introduction to the Travel Advantage App

The Travel Advantage app presents itself as follows:

Introduction to the Travel Advantage App

In this example, we refer to a web page, but note that you can also access these features directly from your mobile application.

Here's what you can find:

  1. Your available loyalty points and travel credits.
  2. A menu for accessing the platform in different languages, different currencies, managing your account, and your wish lists.
  3. A menu offering access to various services provided by the platform: hotels, flights, cars, transfers, cruises, Life Experiences, Lifestyle Mall, packages, resorts, trains, activities, stays, and finally flash offers.

Hotel Booking Simulation

Let's perform a hotel booking simulation together so that you can see the potential savings offered by the platform.

Hotel Search

Imagine that you want to go to Bali.

You enter the desired destination, your choice of dates, the number of people and rooms, and then start your search.

Analysis of Results and Savings Made

The first important element of our search is that we found nearly 700 hotels in Bali for the requested dates.

We also have several filters to refine our search, such as the name of the hotel, hotel rating, price, meals, search by radius, amenities, and points of interest.

Finally, we get the list of hotels matching our search. For the first hotel, as we can see, we save 64%. While for the second hotel, we save 61%.

Detailed Example: Bhanuswari Resort & Spa

Let's take a closer look at the first hotel (Bhanuswari Resort & Spa).

It's an establishment whose average price found on the Internet and at the hotel is €1,274 for the ten days we entered. Thanks to the economic model of the Travel Advantage platform, explained earlier, which does not require advertising costs and applies a low margin on these hotels, we can achieve a saving of 64% on this hotel and save €814. Thus, the final cost is only €460.

Not to forget, as you can see in the simulation, that you will accumulate 1,150 travel credits, which you can use to reduce the cost of your next booking by €11.50. If you are an Elite member, you can also use 46 of your loyalty points at the time of payment (to deduct an additional $46). Thus, the cost of the hotel will be only €414.

When you access the hotel's page, you will find photos of the establishment, details about it, the different rooms and their prices, available amenities, dining options, as well as points of interest located near the hotel.

Simulation conducted on 02/04/2023 at 13:00 (UTC+1) on - Elite subscription

Joining the Travel Advantage Platform

To join the platform, follow these instructions:

  1. Access the link: Click on the following link to access the platform: Sign up for Travel Advantage

  2. Choose the right membership: Browse the different membership options available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  3. Fill in your information: Complete the registration form by providing all required information, such as your name, email address, and contact details. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

  4. Validate and confirm: Once you have filled in all the necessary information, validate your registration.